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tv   [untitled]    February 9, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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well i'm john berman in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. it seems like the american public is embracing same sex marriage more and more frequently on opponents are still standing their ground what's the heart of their strong opposition also president obama has faced an unprecedented amount of personal attacks slander during his time in office or is it all coming from and how is it undermining his presidency and our democracy and president obama turned heads on both sides of the out this week with his controversial decision regarding birth control and employment what was the rationale behind his decision how will the backlash continue to play out the fact that twenty five campaign. getting this nation took another major step toward equal rights for gays and lesbians and wednesday the washington state house approved gay marriage legislation one week after the states senate approved similar legislation washington governor
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christine gregoire is expected to sign the legislation into law making her state the seventh in the nation to give same sex couples the same rights as straight couples and earlier this week a california court struck down that state's proposition eight ban on gay marriage as being a violation of the california constitution to one while ruling of the u.s. ninth circuit court of appeals judge stephen ryan are for the majority proposition eight serves no purpose and has no effect other than to lessen the status and dignity of gays and lesbians in california and to officially reclassify their relationships and families as inferior to those of opposite sex couples so the movement for equal to achieve full rights for gays and lesbians is taking off but not everybody is on board joining me now is maggie gallagher is the co-founder of the national organization for marriage one of the leading groups the nation working to ensure a marriage remains exclusively between a man and a woman in those remaining states that don't yet recognize gay marriage you're welcome. thank you where in the situation does it specifically say the right to
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marry is what you see with their unique to america woman well it doesn't say there's any right to marry that was a supreme court interpretation that some things are fundamental i mean even prior to the constitution and the supreme court has always interpreted that not to say if you have a close personal intimate relationship you have a right to call that a marriage but that the union of male and female is so fundamental to society that that constitutes a fundamental right so there is now as in biblical historical you. you want me to speak for the supreme court or for myself on back on talking to you well you asked me where in the constitution the right to marry comes from and that's what the supreme court has said about it it's really rooted in the idea that it's foundational to civilization and that it's necessary right which is why i think the majority of courts have found that there is no constitutional right to gay marriage
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either under the federal or the state constitution hall show that an increasing numbers of americans are for merger quality don't you think you represent a fringe rather than a mainstream i mean well subtle or so you really want to say reading arguments back in the well those are two questions so let me go to the popularity first thirty one out of thirty one times the american people have had a chance to vote in the last decade including in is recently as two thousand and nine in maine they voted to say no we don't believe that gay marriage is a right we think marriage is the union of husband and wife for a reason these are the only unions that make new life and connect children in love to their mother and father so you think people should be able to do very well i think that the union of a man and a woman whether or not a child results every one of those unions protects children by preventing children from being born in unmarried households and i was an unwed mother for ten years so i know a lot about the special challenges children fail. under those circumstances in the
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bible and if a man rapes a woman is sure i was pregnant. when i get to finish the question you asked before you launch a new question well if you don't filibuster why i'm not trying to filibuster you i'm trying to answer you but you're asking questions then you asked about the message a nation and allergy i just think that's fundamentally comparing apples and oranges by bringing together male and female is not like triangles that you were just laying out a moment ago where the you know thirty want to use times people have voted to say marriage is between a man and a woman because you asked me if the american people are for it or not and i said well when they go to the ballot box or not and you would agree then that at a time of the american people were in favor of miseducation was slavery well i think of it i want to make it right i think the fourteenth amendment i think marriage is right because it's good and you know trying to keep. interracial couples from marrying is about keeping two races separate so that one race can oppress the other and that was bad but bringing together male and female so
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children have mothers and fathers is good to so that mean that's the fundamental problem but frankly the the other problem is that the fourteenth amendment was designed to prevent racial classifications right so the band the supreme court struck down well in plessy versus ferguson but the supreme court struck down interracial marriage bans because they say the fourteenth amendment is designed to prevent racial classifications it clearly protects race i'm sorry it took one hundred fifty years to do it. yet and i hope it won't take one hundred fifty years to overturn roe v wade well some time over the supreme court is wrong there's no question about that one of the things i find a fair amount of your work and one of the things that i find most troubling about it is that. there are there are people in this country who know that by the time they were six or seven years old their attraction was toward the same gender and the opposite there's no doubt their mind that they're gay and they're not going to change and i'm assuming. dollars i certainly know there are people who
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believe that and i don't i'm not contesting and i don't have any firsthand basis to contest that the work that you're doing is causing for many of those people considerable pain and misery in their lives how do you reconcile that with your your notion of yourself you know you talked about your experience as a single mother you seem like a compassionate person. it's seems to me like a disconnect where oh i guess when people fundamentally disagree about what's good for the country i certainly have always tried to make my arguments in ways that are respectful of people who disagree but if you come to me and say well the fact that you think marriage matters because children need a mom and dad is deeply painful to me all i can say is i'm sorry that's what i am what you're thinking i'm talking about your activism while i'm acting on it because i think it's really important right so so when people say well that's causing me a lot of pain all i can say is i'm really sorry that's not my intention but i think america is a country where we have to go out and fight for what we think is right and good and
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we have to do so in a way that i think demonstrates respects to others and that's certainly what i've tried to do with the ring my eight years in the gay marriage fight even even during a time when the most at risk population for suicide when i was gay teens i don't believe i actually took the trouble to look at whether gay marriage reduces teen gay teen suicide rates and i don't think that's going to turn out i don't but sure it's a matter of gay marriage and that's a matter of acceptance story. but i'm fighting about marriage i'm not fighting to make gay teens not feel accepted i think that there are many relationships that are valuable and loving they're not all marriages that whenever i racial got married biracial people dating certainly didn't feel equal. what do you feel like the millions of americans who go out there and vote in organize and fight for the idea that marriage need means a husband and wife are responsible for gay teen suicide or not because you're yes i do you do see i think that that's not true and i think you know it's not all bad but i think some small percentage of. i i really don't think that gay marriage is
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going to have a big impact on gay teen suicide and i also think that it's a ten there's a tendency when we're talking about a real social problem like teen suicide for the adults to just drag and whatever else they're fighting for anyway and i really don't think that's our principal concern that the answer should be we should stigmatize people who think marriage is the you know husband and wife. the constitution you mentioned the supreme court the constitution and. the opponents of gay marriage. it's against religion as a reason a lot of people do it's not usually the way i talk about it but ok well next i do have a religion i'm roman catholic i can if you want well i'm not part of that but i'm just saying you know the idea that children need a mom and a dad chris is really the abraham marriage a sister and a kid with his has a right to do that. that's my question i mean you know david had multiple wives a son was a woman what is the question you asked me if i believe in sister marriage because
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abraham did it no i don't. you know if it's biblical it's i think i think i think you'd probably have to come some debate that was someone who had only a biblical foundation for their view i agree ok and clearly you're not just taking that point. don't you think that. well actually i think we're pretty much out of time here maggie very much appreciate your coming by having a rational conversation but i appreciate your inviting me really thank you thank you to. the history of our nation as want to bring more and more americans into the fold giving them equal rights even though we've slid backwards at times the direction of bringing equal rights to everyone is always prevail until then maybe we should look toward the bible after all for what makes a moral and healthy marriage a lot mrs betty bowers my heroine and america's best christian explain the rest. beginning of time say six dozen years ago god created one man and one woman they had two children both had penises he might inquisitively asked lord if adam and eve only had boys where did the grandchildren come from trust me you're not going to
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like is reply. bible based marriage is between one man one woman the disinterested uses after he killed his only brother a family that slays and lays together stays together to story it brought him the father of three faiths to rubbish married his sister as if that wasn't sorted enough study sister sarah invited abraham to have sex with her mate someone named hagar piling lee butch name a bible based marriage is between one man and his sister and the hell did miss me lord to help doing that hell. i don't even speak to my what's the lord's favorite would a punishing man who rapes an unmarried virgin any one area years survival based marriages between one woman and the rapist. remember how god turned lot's wife into yourself so bible based marriage can sometimes be between one man and could two
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condiment bone up the t.v. . so what do you do if you run out of close relatives or servants to marry well the rather crafty lord has a fabulous tip just drive over to the nearest town and murder everyone who either has a penis or a semen then just round up all the. virgins who are left of course you don't need to take a big truck if you try this in say america a bible based marriage is between one man and gallies kidnapped and raped right after a brother father mother and slightly sister slaughtered remember in the bible it's not rape if the man says i do so let's recap the lord's idea of the perfect marriage it is between one man and his sister and her rapist condiment gallies kidnapped and raped two more women an adulterer and a pack of rape killers seven hundred wives three hundred and hell and his son who says. but it is not between one
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and another man because well that would be. coming up after the break the obama presidency has been marked by personal attacks lives and amount of misinformation or what is behind all this vitriolic rhetoric. well. it's technology innovation all the least of elements around russia we've got the future covered.
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she would be soo much brighter if you move. from things to crashing. stunts on t.v. don't come. resistance is not a politics but a culture. this couldn't. on it's own. cultures of resistance on our team. there's a neurotic wing party going on down in washington d.c.
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right here in washington d.c. right now it's called the conservative political action conference it's a once a year shindig we're conservative elites cozy up to each other and denounce the evil liberals i've done my radio show live from see back every year for the past five it's amazing to see the parade true believers to con men to outright shills for big polluting industries this year being an election year see back as one overriding theme bash president obama and perpetuate all the lies and the source information they can about it here's an example. how does a nation that's blessed by an extraordinary supply of american exceptionalism submit inch by creeping inch to the totalitarian state that's descending upon us how do we submit to. something like all bamma care we credit our brave troops for winning the war in iraq and a very tremendous cost but the president recently cho is intentionally to lose the
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peace after a decade of effort to defeat global jihad obama for the sake of his political reelection has chosen to hand iraq to the arraignments. no one knows more about these personal attacks on president obama that bill press who quite literally just wrote the book on. bill is the author is the host of the bill presho from six to nine am eastern time on radio stations all across the nation he's all for the author of six books including his newest the obama hate machine the lies distortions and personal attacks on the president and who is behind them bill welcome tom it's so good to see you this meeting is like the meeting of the obama hate machine it is i do believe they are all there or they will be in the next three to today and the next two days they're all going to line up and they're all going to go over the top the way steve always does write a totalitarian regime under president obama no it's it is totally bizarre i was
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you know i've been there you're flooded radio row and then in two thousand and eight i was there and sitting next to me i think was sean hannity and dick cheney was on the show and there are a couple of cameras and talking on the radio and i said dick cheney sitting right next to whom what or what i should do and people in my script were just like screaming i'm in giant letters and look behind you and i turn around there's a secret service guy woods and his gun rights. whatever you do don't go quail hunting with me here so there but there's an example sean hannity who said the other night just couple of nights ago that if barack obama had his way osama bin laden would still be alive and he said he has the tape to prove it or else it's just total nonsense i mean who went after who gave the directions who gave the orders to get them who approved the plan if it was brought obama's and well who twice said i don't think so much about bin laden i don't really care about bin
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laden george w. bush and there's this idea that there's a tape out there that proves that barack obama didn't really want to go get as far as i'm going to share with this you know exactly you know what it is it's like the way the tape remember michelle obama and why the tape during the campaign which i'm going to be talked about fox news all the time. never heard that tape never never does exist it's amazing it's like the secret journals from the eight hundred eighty six it's all there anyway. this president seems to have faced more personal attacks than any previous presidents. a number of people have suggested that it's largely because of his african-american heritage but others have suggested that no it's just i mean that's probably a piece of it certainly the racist vote it is out there you know exaggerated because of this but others have suggested that we're just at a time when politics have gotten more vitriolic than probably since the mckinley
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administration and maybes since since the civil war what's you know you're pretty savvy on this stuff what's your take on this and looking at the big arc of things boy it's so complicated i went back and just looked at. personal attacks against president let me back up and say i think you and i both agree criticism of any president is legitimate that's who we are as americans i go to the white house every day for the briefings every day there are people in from the white house who are protesting something some policy but you know what i was glad to see them makes me feel like you know we can do this right but the but the attacks against this president have been personal and and ugly and negative and part of it is i think that we live in this that politics has descended to that level or gone back to it i mean if you go back to thomas jefferson versus john adams that was pretty ugly personal stuff too but since then i think barack obama has has been the target of
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more again personal ugly attacks than any president since abraham lincoln that i could find well and lincoln whom we consider st abraham in his day he was reviled they made fun of his teeth his phases while he had the civil war his and and in in the case of adams and jefferson in two years before that election jefferson litter . on the day that adam signed the petition x. and adams and threw into jail all eighteen editors of all eighteen news papers that supported the at a federalist the support of jefferson's party so i mean there was there was some considerable animists there some actual something that you could actually point to what has obama done that the hate machine can actually point to know nothing but i think it's the it's to me. i analyze it this way that he is for the republicans right his policies really are not that radical at all sure and i wish they were exam here as his book i wish he were the liberal that they accuse of being i wish
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he were the leftists right he's not i wish you were the socialist bernie sanders another one in the white house you know the great he's not so they can go after his policies because his policies are reflects so much look at the auto bailout who started it not barack obama george bush look at tarp who started it not barack obama george bush or you continue to have been signed so they exactly so they have to go after him on the personal level to try to bring him down and what they've done is the word i use is the other ring president obama now part of that is a skin color but this is not a book saying that he's a racist his name. a product of a mixed marriage he was not born on the mainland america maybe he wasn't even born in the united states at all he spent time when he was growing up in indonesia he's got a name like a rock hussein obama so they take that and paint him as not like a regular american and not even a regular american you do have never accepted never accepted him as
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a legitimate president in writing this one this is a not inconsiderable book and there's a there's a lot of really good important stuff in here in writing this book and i'm curious what was the thing that most surprised you. i think it was the koch brothers and how. and by the way the people who are behind this obama hate machine charles and david koch they are the uniquely or almost no but no but they're the principal players they we know we know warren buffett we know bill gates right who knows the third and fourth wealthiest men in america with a combined wealth of fifty billion dollars charles and david koch you know we don't hear about that they have given more money to politics than anybody else george soros is a penny pincher compared to these guys and they are everywhere tom the obama hate machine the koch brothers the heritage foundation koch brothers cato institute the
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koch brothers the tea party who put the money up for the buses for the rallies the koch brothers freedom works dick armey is operation the koch brothers americans for prosperity the koch brothers two weeks ago they had a meeting in palm springs with their corporate buddies and they pledged one hundred million dollars. to defeat barack obama this year and that's just one meeting the have another meeting in the fall so these guys are have your scott walker in wisconsin the koch brothers john case is going to hire the koch brothers you know what some people call their operation the coke to put because they have so many arms and they're so that i didn't realize how extensive their operation was it's all the sort of mind by it's the it's the realisation of fred their dad's vision when he started the john birch society in some ways of putting although i think he had a genuine fear that communism was going to destroy america do you think that the that these guys have a genuine fear that obama's going to destroy america they must know that he's not a social i think they have on this guided fear that obama is going to destroy
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america based on what is what i don't understand because koch industries like most corporations in this country are making more money than they ever did before. but they i mean they have benefited immensely from the obama administration and the policies here and yet they really see him as the enemy of american capitalism and i think he's the engineer of american capitalism because look at it look at what's happened in well as you know you can look back in history and see that franklin roosevelt saved american capitalism and he won a whole lot farther than obama has and i think frankly obama's going to go more in that direction if he's going to save american capital was another interesting parallel here us in the story i know is that when franklin roosevelt it was the dupont brothers there were five of them that went after. and he took them on with babies economic growth. hide behind the flag in the constitution have
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met their match in the first four years and the next four years they will meet their master and he said at madison square garden it was great and then the bill clinton had richard mellon scaife just one guy corporate so now the next iteration is the koch brothers funding this whole fueling this whole machine. against barack obama is there in the i wish he would take them on the way practice roosevelt he just authorized people to give money to his super pac not his super pac but their supports him. which only has like six million bucks in or something like that all these results really spoil the race the last couple has a poem and mitt romney spent twice that much in just his super pac spent twice that much in south carolina florida what in the minute we have left what is the what is the future of this campaign how can you how can you go up against two brothers who literally could take the amount of money they make in a year and drop it into a campaign and change the white house and probably have the house i hate to say it but i think the only way you go up against them is you're never going to match them
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but just to raise as much money as you can given the opportunity to have i know you're going to be talking about super pacs later you know i think they're. you know abhorrent but they are legal today and if the other side is using the super pacs to raise as much corporate money as they can i think you have to meet them on their ground and and i would i would add to that i hate to say that but i would add to their grassroots activists totally need to get as many people engaged as possible with shoe leather and and we've got to go to a point just point and to do see half of obama's donors were two hundred dollars or less there you go there you go bill press thanks so much for being with us the book the obama hate machine the lies distortions and personal attacks of the president and who is behind them check it out. great.
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crazy alert sacred sperm in response to a parenthood bill introduced in oklahoma defining human life as beginning at the moment of conception oklahoma state senator constance johnson decided to make fun of the ridiculous legislation by introducing her own amendment to the bill or a memo declares every sperm cell sacred it would outlaw among other things oral sex and masturbation or any other sex act that does not lead to sperm finding its quote rightful place in quote despite the overwhelming satirical nature of the event it raises a good point when it comes to the absurdity of personhood legislation why should a republican stop a defining a fertilized egg with only fifty percent potential becoming a baby a person let's just call every sperm cell a baby make most sexual acts illegal and turn most teenage males in america into serial killers and then call it a day. after the break a firestorm has erupted over president obama's controversial hospital one decision
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what was the bigger picture behind the decision will the response of fact the president's reelection. but i. strive for thirty. years no we're going to see you get to the money. if you want to have sex go and have sex.
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welcome back to this is our sacred trust the headline. the you are in our london join forces to the bloodshed in syria as critics claim this information of the number of deaths is being used to cloud the standing of the situation this comes as the opposition accuses the government of a massacre of the homes while damascus maintains its conducting and to terrill brace. euro zone ministers post a decision on a second financial bailout package from greece this despite the coalition athens closing a last minute deal reforms and just oversee measures union leaders high announced in journals try for friday and saturday to protest over the criticism demanding the
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some of their group new born president sets a billion dollar loan. and i'm going to president hamid karzai. children are killed in a nato air strike base as they do on concerns twenty eleven of the deadliest year for civilians since the start of a while before us announced that it could hold compound operations in afghanistan and i read that expected. next the second part of the big picture with. the back to the big picture on target coming up in this half hour president obama handed the right wing a big mel of this week with his birth control mandate slows a motivation behind the decision and what will the backlash also rick santorum says what the.


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